Mi Gyaun

The ‘Mi Gyaun’ (in the foreground, ‘mi gyaun’ = crocodile) is a very rare and old kind of zither belonging to the ‘Mon’ community in the south parts of Myanmar. The top is made of leather and (under the frets) wood.

The ‘Mi Gyaun Saung’ (in the background) is a harp and has its origin also at the Mon community. This harp is designed like the ‘Mi Gyaun’ and is over 100 years old. The wooden instrument is made of teakwood. It has a rectangle neck part and the outside of this neck is carved. Sixteen tuners are stabilised to this carved part. The instrument is ornamented with glasses and little stones. In ancient times, it was also ornamented with gold. It is possible to see sound holes on the covered part of the instrument.